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this definitly proofs the fact that all things baby are cute - even more so when they are about to fall asleep (the name of this homepage is really self-explenatory). it's time to add a little kitsch to this link collection.
if ever you can't fall asleep this cute sheep will help you do the counting.
still looking for a suitable hubby? why not order one online. the choices are overwhelming. go for it!
use this site to easily animate your pictures.
need a little bling in your life? this page will help you enhance your favourite photos in a very special way.
in case you need help you might find it here. solutions to the most common case calls for help.
this is dedicated to my big love of rodents. especially guineapigs and these oh so cute little squirrels.
have you ever wondered how you look like wearing a turba or which colour would suit you best? this is your answer - upload your picture and start experimenting with all differt sizes and colours of turbans. yeah.
this will help you create unbelievable passwords - and, best of it, also how to remember them.
alright folks. this is all about having money enough to be individual about your breakfast. mix your own muesli, tea (http://www.yourtee.de/), cornflakes (http://www.mycornflakes.com), and coffee (http://www.sonntagmorgen.com/). it looks all very tempting but the prices are a real rip off at times - after all, if you want to be indivudiual you want all those different ingredients - a vicious circle. anyway, it's still good to know that one day you might be able to afford these little luxuries.
ok. this is another one for my collection of useless pages on the internet. a collection of very strange research ideas and conspiracy notes. it couldn't have been set up by anyone else but a scotsman.
mothers day special: have you ever been anoyed about your mother's endless source of knowledge? well, maybe not all of it was based on hard facts...
don't just always force your loved ones to read your messages. send these wee little ones and they will be read out aloud to them. cute.
advertising for the families sake. this is jewlery made by my cousins girlfriend. interesting idea they had.
for the dark side of life: explore the world of funerals.
watch them cook and maybe give it a go yourself afterwards.
your guidebook to find lost objects - free for you to download and use!
the essence of kitsch!
steady and quick - it doesn't take more for this wee game.
if you thought colourflip (cf. above) was useless you neednt follow this link. otherwise another good one for those who love colours.
remember the golden days when you used to compile a mixtape for your loved one? why not do it again in a more up-to-date style? simply choose your favourite tracks, design the tape and send it off.
another wee little game that will challenge your eye-finger-connection.
draw kaleidoscopic images. a waste of time, indeed - but a colourful one. i like it.
follow up a story in quite a literal way.
scrabble online - in english and against the machine. be careful: this is difficult!
randomly picked test from an intresting test-platform. also quite amusing: http://www.gotoquiz.com/do_you_deserve_your_high_school_diploma (i was rated above the amount of knowledge a student could get in an american high school - hahaha)
fortune telling on the internet. the only true and believable way to get to know your future. ;-)
just what's written on the box!
lost track on your finances? here you can calculate your (possible) salary hourly, weekly, monthly and annually.
you can draw a wee cartoon person here and then bring it to life with one click.
try this out before you decide to paint your walls in pink and green.
they create a ringtone for you according to your mood. every day - if you feel like it. what a cool diploma thesis piece of work.
got time and a pair of steady hands? well, they this 3D paper-art should keep you busy for a wee while.
if you've got plenty of time or want to waste some of it for whatever reason this endless game will challenge your sense of balance keeping.
samorost - funny little game. be patient and friendly and help the wee guy save his dog. go on. do it.
for those who loved samorost (see other link) or those who are interested in slowing down life by playing. this one is easier than samorost, though.

the public
do you know that feeling when you urgently need to listen to some yodeling but don't have the time to got to switzerland. my friend - your desire made it on god's internet wish list. checkt this site out.
are you tired of trying out all these different font microsoft word has on offer? well type your stuff in here and get a handy overview.
type in any word that you want to receive official news of and then start doodleing. it's a fun way to keep oneself updated.
this guy is looking for 1001 rule to teach his unborn son. at the time of publishing this link he has got as far as rule 212 - so you see he still needs a little help and advice. maybe you could support him.
tired of just google? try this search engine. it does work with google yet you can choose a category where the item will be looked up in.
these are interactive maps of major cities in the world that show you in 3d where all the important sights are located.
things they don't tell you: a guide to life.
this page wants to know what colour you link with certain words. it'll also show you what other people thouhgt about the same word.
can you guess the 100 most common english words within five minutes?
can't get track of all your internet activites, blogs, picture files etc.? why not bring them all together in a handy day-to-day application?
post it notes for your pc files and internet stuff. and best of all: they won't fall off your screen :-))
hihihi: i hope these things will never happen to me. but why don't you try out some of these tricks on your friends or partners computer? ;-)
i will be killed by stefan for posting such rubbish. but for those of you who are rubbish when it comes to create homepages, why not use somebody elses template? and while we are there try this one as well: http://www.wix.com/ (don't want to use an extra space for this, avoids more trouble)
converts your last.fm streams to mp3.
feeling a little indecisive? well, this tool might be able to help you with an answer.
world heritage sites in 360░ - not just panorama pictures, here you'll get the whole look around. beautiful for a little mind-journey when you can't afford the real thing.
once you've read their very easily to understand instructions this page will help you create very useful mindmaps. you'll even be able to download them in the end.
unsigned music from young artists all over the world. if you like it you can buy tracks from them and support them.
this wee tool turns your favourite pictures into posters (by cutting out a raster image which will be transformed into a printable pdf file) all you need to do is to assemble all the pieces.
come - let's overcome this evil climate change by planting trees all over the place. we've started by buying one at the local street festival and planted it in a friend's garden. may it grow healthily and quickly to absorb as much carbondioxid as possible. check out the most beautiful baby-linden tree on this page. it's called "chringvonne". you may also leave comments to show us your support.
this is the end of the internet. would the last person mind turning of the lights when they leave it?
a(nother) new way of looking at flicker pictures. this time it's a tag-galaxy. i love it.
this about me and my new love to bikes (since i was forced out of uni and my most comfortable public transport seasons ticket): a page featuring all beautiful choppers, cruisers and most of all faboulus extras and parts.
in case you need to practice a wee bit before you travel to another country. this one's for you then.
life expectancy calculator - wow: my virtual age is 9.2 years of age and i am supposed to live until the age of 90.8 if i contunue with my lifestyle - happy days.
all you ever wanted to know about german food - from an outsiders perspective. poor guy, i hope somebody explained a few things to him afterwards.
find and share free sound snaps - just as it's said on the box.
just for the insiders: i've tracked down harald wei▀haar's folding instructions... for all: convert an eight-page-pdf-document into a smallsize wee booklet.
check if your stuff is free of viruses - online.
according to them: the web's best free stuff. enjoy.
you can e.mail your friends links to homepages which show all the highlighted bits of informaition you decided to be worthwhile reading or considering.
i know - this seems to bellong to the category of "most useless pages on the internet". yet, as you might have realised i do show a certain affinity towards them. after all, it's very colourful and bound to lift your spirits.
tidy up man -or else you might end up like them poor folks. this is a very compelling documentary called "possessed" about people who just can't manage to let go of things and tidy up. it's very tough watching, so, for those who are really into clean rooms and are a little fragile when it comes to seeing dirty this film might upset you very much. so be careful when you decide whether to watch it or nor.
a british campaign to make people aware of how easy it is to miss important information whilst driving. do the test.
do you believe in god?
similar to freeflour.com, yet, more difficult to answer. this will challenge your vocab knowledge (english only)and will definitly leave you with a feeling of intelligence. try it out - you can only do good.
for each correct answer they donate a spoonfull of flour. this is a jolly good idea to combine gaining knowledge with charity.
this is some cool wee computer gadget to sort the masses of pictures in your files according to colours. i love it!
stuff you don't need but might come in handy if you're looking for an unusual pressie.
here you can edit your favourite song into your own personal ringtone.
maybe not something for boys but if you're looking for a wee present for your Girl-)friend this will be an inspiration.(try out their main page as well!! http://www.hokohoko.com/)
something like thinkgeek.com in german.
wanna change your interior design? you might want to consider this.
Need something felty?
with this little tool you can look for flickr pictures in any colour or set of colours that you want. try it out. it's quite interesting what they come up with some of the times.
convert whatever into whatever.
just so you know...
the arts
they create a free font from your handwritig. all you need is a printer, a pen and a scanner.
a great source for illustrations from old books - both historic and scientific pictures. needs a little time though to find what you want.
sure this page would attract me instantly. it's full of do-it-yourself senseless stuff. but really beautiful. i love the dandelion - especially now as it's getting colder outside.
the british - we simpley love them. just look at them.
did you ever wonder what you face would have looked like in an authentic american 80s yearbook? here you can give it a go. it's hilarious.
it hardly qualifies as art (depends though on how patient you are). yet, if it's too cold or to expensive to go to the beach you may build your sandcastles here.
just in case you feel offended by this: take things easy, don't attack the blog. for everyone else: enjoy!
print this steak and serve it to the next vegetarian that comes along :-)) or else someone who visits you hungry yet you haven't got anything in the fridge.
some will hate me for posting this in the arts section - yet, finally i found it. the one homepage that has put together all the useless webpages i love. there is even one where you can unroll a roll of toiletpaper on screen. whua. and honestly - it looks so trashy it's almost looking well again.
stream interesting and provocative documentary films for free!
paint music on your desktop. try it out - it's very relaxing.
the massive national archives of the united states beautifully presented and very informatively to use. when will mindmaps be awarded a nobel price?
free delivery to germany on all dvds, books and cds from the uk.
order books online without paying postage to germany (english books only)
for those of us who rather memorise pictures than words.
it's penguin books matching google earth with short stories. give it a go. (i would love to win the competition - 1300 books...)
hisotr is pop culture! if you don't believe this check out this entertaining 30 min history lecture.
literary german freakshow. looking foreward to see the polish businesswomen read.
relates wikipedia articles in a mindmap.
you know how to play tetris? well, try this alternative matching the british counties on a map in tetris style. (other states available as well)
when it comes to music it's always interesting to look beyond one's own nose.
the history of food.
they're only just starting the project but it's planned to be a podcast platform for german audio books.
the visual counterpart to last.fm
how films hit the box office during the past few years - according to the new york times.
learning another language the web 2.0 way.
classical music online I
don't know the word but know what it looks like? then this might just be your dictionary.
simple but very efficient when it comes to getting to grips with english vocab.
the sciences
here is a site full of lectures from american universities. you find an awfull lot of interesting things here. it's worth a vistit if you want to spare 50 minutes on something intellectual.
"Project Implicit is a Virtual Laboratory for the social and behavioral sciences designed to facilitate the research of implicit social cognition: cognitions, feelings, and evaluations that are not necessarily available to conscious awareness, conscious control, conscious intention, or self-reflection." - and you may help them by doing their tests online. you may even learn something about yourself.
i don'T know how it works but this page can predict your thoughts in a certain way. aarrrrgh...
how to have the perfect nap. don't fall asleep whilst reading this, though.
wanna know what equals the size of 1 mile or the weight of 2oz? use this wee tool to get new insights into the world of measurements.
if you want to have a look at the international space shuttle (iss) in the dark nighttime sky this page will help locate it concerning your particular country and town. simply choose you country and place and then select iss and you'll be given all necessary details. right now at the end of may 2008 it's extremely clearly visible in germany.
and you thought both the european union funds and your good auld chemistry lesson were boring?? see what happens if the two of them come together to promote studying sciences. go carbon go.
a little article on cognitive psychology day by day hasn't done harm to anyone yet - go and get that brain of yours in motion.
darwin vs god
most of you will certainly be past this stage. yet, just in case you need to know something about puberty again this wee film will bring back all the (good?!?) memories.
test your reaction speed.
this is an instruction how to grow your own moss graffiti on a shadowy moist wall. if someone ever tries this out please contact us. we'd love to see the results.
you might be wondering why this link is posted here: for some of us cooking still resembles science. this blog will help you find recipies for whichever meal in any language you like.
it's tiny but still - it's alive!