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here is a site full of lectures from american universities. you find an awfull lot of interesting things here. it's worth a vistit if you want to spare 50 minutes on something intellectual.
"Project Implicit is a Virtual Laboratory for the social and behavioral sciences designed to facilitate the research of implicit social cognition: cognitions, feelings, and evaluations that are not necessarily available to conscious awareness, conscious control, conscious intention, or self-reflection." - and you may help them by doing their tests online. you may even learn something about yourself.
i don'T know how it works but this page can predict your thoughts in a certain way. aarrrrgh...
how to have the perfect nap. don't fall asleep whilst reading this, though.
wanna know what equals the size of 1 mile or the weight of 2oz? use this wee tool to get new insights into the world of measurements.
if you want to have a look at the international space shuttle (iss) in the dark nighttime sky this page will help locate it concerning your particular country and town. simply choose you country and place and then select iss and you'll be given all necessary details. right now at the end of may 2008 it's extremely clearly visible in germany.
and you thought both the european union funds and your good auld chemistry lesson were boring?? see what happens if the two of them come together to promote studying sciences. go carbon go.
a little article on cognitive psychology day by day hasn't done harm to anyone yet - go and get that brain of yours in motion.
darwin vs god
most of you will certainly be past this stage. yet, just in case you need to know something about puberty again this wee film will bring back all the (good?!?) memories.
test your reaction speed.
this is an instruction how to grow your own moss graffiti on a shadowy moist wall. if someone ever tries this out please contact us. we'd love to see the results.
you might be wondering why this link is posted here: for some of us cooking still resembles science. this blog will help you find recipies for whichever meal in any language you like.
it's tiny but still - it's alive!