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this definitly proofs the fact that all things baby are cute - even more so when they are about to fall asleep (the name of this homepage is really self-explenatory). it's time to add a little kitsch to this link collection.
if ever you can't fall asleep this cute sheep will help you do the counting.
still looking for a suitable hubby? why not order one online. the choices are overwhelming. go for it!
use this site to easily animate your pictures.
need a little bling in your life? this page will help you enhance your favourite photos in a very special way.
in case you need help you might find it here. solutions to the most common case calls for help.
this is dedicated to my big love of rodents. especially guineapigs and these oh so cute little squirrels.
have you ever wondered how you look like wearing a turba or which colour would suit you best? this is your answer - upload your picture and start experimenting with all differt sizes and colours of turbans. yeah.
this will help you create unbelievable passwords - and, best of it, also how to remember them.
alright folks. this is all about having money enough to be individual about your breakfast. mix your own muesli, tea (, cornflakes (, and coffee ( it looks all very tempting but the prices are a real rip off at times - after all, if you want to be indivudiual you want all those different ingredients - a vicious circle. anyway, it's still good to know that one day you might be able to afford these little luxuries.
ok. this is another one for my collection of useless pages on the internet. a collection of very strange research ideas and conspiracy notes. it couldn't have been set up by anyone else but a scotsman.
mothers day special: have you ever been anoyed about your mother's endless source of knowledge? well, maybe not all of it was based on hard facts...
don't just always force your loved ones to read your messages. send these wee little ones and they will be read out aloud to them. cute.
advertising for the families sake. this is jewlery made by my cousins girlfriend. interesting idea they had.
for the dark side of life: explore the world of funerals.
watch them cook and maybe give it a go yourself afterwards.
your guidebook to find lost objects - free for you to download and use!
the essence of kitsch!
steady and quick - it doesn't take more for this wee game.
if you thought colourflip (cf. above) was useless you neednt follow this link. otherwise another good one for those who love colours.
remember the golden days when you used to compile a mixtape for your loved one? why not do it again in a more up-to-date style? simply choose your favourite tracks, design the tape and send it off.
another wee little game that will challenge your eye-finger-connection.
draw kaleidoscopic images. a waste of time, indeed - but a colourful one. i like it.
follow up a story in quite a literal way.
scrabble online - in english and against the machine. be careful: this is difficult!
randomly picked test from an intresting test-platform. also quite amusing: (i was rated above the amount of knowledge a student could get in an american high school - hahaha)
fortune telling on the internet. the only true and believable way to get to know your future. ;-)
just what's written on the box!
lost track on your finances? here you can calculate your (possible) salary hourly, weekly, monthly and annually.
you can draw a wee cartoon person here and then bring it to life with one click.
try this out before you decide to paint your walls in pink and green.
they create a ringtone for you according to your mood. every day - if you feel like it. what a cool diploma thesis piece of work.
got time and a pair of steady hands? well, they this 3D paper-art should keep you busy for a wee while.
if you've got plenty of time or want to waste some of it for whatever reason this endless game will challenge your sense of balance keeping.
samorost - funny little game. be patient and friendly and help the wee guy save his dog. go on. do it.
for those who loved samorost (see other link) or those who are interested in slowing down life by playing. this one is easier than samorost, though.