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they create a free font from your handwritig. all you need is a printer, a pen and a scanner.
a great source for illustrations from old books - both historic and scientific pictures. needs a little time though to find what you want.
sure this page would attract me instantly. it's full of do-it-yourself senseless stuff. but really beautiful. i love the dandelion - especially now as it's getting colder outside.
the british - we simpley love them. just look at them.
did you ever wonder what you face would have looked like in an authentic american 80s yearbook? here you can give it a go. it's hilarious.
it hardly qualifies as art (depends though on how patient you are). yet, if it's too cold or to expensive to go to the beach you may build your sandcastles here.
just in case you feel offended by this: take things easy, don't attack the blog. for everyone else: enjoy!
print this steak and serve it to the next vegetarian that comes along :-)) or else someone who visits you hungry yet you haven't got anything in the fridge.
some will hate me for posting this in the arts section - yet, finally i found it. the one homepage that has put together all the useless webpages i love. there is even one where you can unroll a roll of toiletpaper on screen. whua. and honestly - it looks so trashy it's almost looking well again.
stream interesting and provocative documentary films for free!
paint music on your desktop. try it out - it's very relaxing.
the massive national archives of the united states beautifully presented and very informatively to use. when will mindmaps be awarded a nobel price?
free delivery to germany on all dvds, books and cds from the uk.
order books online without paying postage to germany (english books only)
for those of us who rather memorise pictures than words.
it's penguin books matching google earth with short stories. give it a go. (i would love to win the competition - 1300 books...);hl=en
hisotr is pop culture! if you don't believe this check out this entertaining 30 min history lecture.
literary german freakshow. looking foreward to see the polish businesswomen read.
relates wikipedia articles in a mindmap.
you know how to play tetris? well, try this alternative matching the british counties on a map in tetris style. (other states available as well)
when it comes to music it's always interesting to look beyond one's own nose.
the history of food.
they're only just starting the project but it's planned to be a podcast platform for german audio books.
the visual counterpart to
how films hit the box office during the past few years - according to the new york times.
learning another language the web 2.0 way.
classical music online I
don't know the word but know what it looks like? then this might just be your dictionary.
simple but very efficient when it comes to getting to grips with english vocab.